This is a collection of projects I've gathered over my years of school and freelancing. While freelancing, I've created graphics, marketing collateral, and/or photographs for clients for their social media, company, and internal use.


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Print Design

Sik Fan La

“Sik Fan La” is a publication created for Chinese-Canadians and Chinese-Americans to help them learn simple recipes from Hong Kong that their parents have probably cooked before. The term “Sik Fan La” is a phrase commonly used by Cantonese-speaking parents to announce that itʼs time to eat. It has gradually become an iconic remark that many Chinese-Canadians and Chinese-Americans find offer them a sense of comfort as they are reminded of their motherʼs cooking.

This publication was created during a senior-level graphic design class at Simon Fraser University.

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NZXT Magazine Reimagined

This project is a reimagined product magazine design for NZXT, a company that I often purchase computer parts from. I completed this publication in my spare time as a self-led project and my goal was to create an attractive magazine displaying technology and products from NZXT's current product line-up.

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