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Graphic Design
Print Design


From September 2019 to July 2020, I joined Sierra Wireless as a Design and Graphics Intern. Over the course of my internship, I worked alongside the marketing team on different projects: namely creating marketing material (e.g. web and social graphics, emails, e-books, etc.), and creating event graphics for company trade shows hosted across the world.


Marketing Material

Using the Sierra Wireless brand guide and past documents as a guideline, I created numerous graphics for company and public distribution. I apologize for the low-resolution of the images; I could only find compressed versions of my work through past social media posts.

Event Graphics

With Sierra Wireless being a pioneer of IoT (Internet of Things), our company regularly attended and hosted trade shows that many companies (undisclosed) attended. As the graphic designer, I was tasked with creating print design files to be placed on fixtures, large banners, walls, and booths.


The Team

I'd like to thank the entire marketing team for being supportive and helpful throughout my internship at Sierra Wireless. I learned a lot, and truly enjoyed my time with everyone.