NZXT Magazine Redesign



This project is a reimagined product magazine design for NZXT, a company that I often purchase computer parts from. This project was completed in my spare time as a self-led project, and was inspired by a previous magazine project I completed for a university-level Publishing course. My goal for the project was to create an attractive publication displaying technology and products from NZXT's current product line-up.


Self-Led Project
Graphic Design
July 2020


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator


Graphic Design
Content Research
Print Design



For inspiration, I researched past and existing magazines about computers and the entire PC community. An example of this would the the magazine, "CPU." Although this was an older publication, it was interesting to see how the images of technology worked in collaboration with the columns of text. The design was a bit outdated, but I was able to take inspiration and went straight to sketching and brainstorming ideas.

Photos from an old "CPU" magazine.




Closing Thoughts

This project was a fun way to explore different graphic design trends while incorporating my passion for building computer and love for technology. Completing this project gave me the chance to research current trends in publication and print design. From this, I was able to explore new design styles and break out of my visual design's comfort zone. Moving forward, I would have liked to complete a few peer reviews to receive input on my work to further the quality. Due to the nature of the project being self-led, this was difficult to do.