Hong Kong Tai Pan Salon Rebranding



Client Project
Visual Design
July 2020


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator


Graphic Design
Content Research
Print Design


For this project, I was tasked with creating a new pylon sign to replace my family's hair salon's existing signage. The landlord requested that we either resubmit our previous design  or submit something new. Since our old files were created before my time, I decided to rebrand our company from scratch.


Needs Assessment

I quickly got to work and did a user needs assessment. My father asked that the sign showed predominantly showed our company's named in Chinese to show our love for our culture and heritage. Unfortunately, our city's laws requires that all signage be equally English and Chinese. Even though we wouldn't be allowed to use it, I decided to create a primarily Chinese sign for his own personal use. At the same time, I created a design that would fit our city's guidelines and designed a business card to go with it.


I did some research on old signage (images shown below were found via Google) in Hong Kong, where my family's from. After some sketches and brainstorming, I worked with a few mockups that I turned into final designs. My turnover time was short so I worked on a tightly-scheduled agenda.

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Closing Thoughts

Because of the tight timeline, I was not able to further refine my designs. I would have also liked to run additional critiques to see if the best design decisions were being made. Although the deadline was tight and the project was short, I learned that constant communication between the client and designer is important. Listening to the needs of the user allowed me to narrow down my research and choices.